About Tammy

Tammy Keorkunian:

Tammy  Keorkunian’s life flows through music.  As performer, teacher, and student, Tammy has embraced her musical talents throughout her entire life.   Her unique skills and experience, coupled with her passion for inspiring young minds, have enabled her to create an environment of learning, healing, and expressive communication.


At a very early age, Tammy was delighted by music, singing, dancing, and performing. On many occasions, any one of her family members would come home to find the garage transformed into a stage. The driveway would have seating set up for the audience. Since her big brother was in a rock band, the garage was loaded with musical equipment where Tammy discovered her instrument of choice... the microphone! 

Tammy would perform songs anywhere from the Annie musical to hard rock mainstreamers ACDC and Led Zeppelin to alt rock acts like Talking Heads to divas like Blondie or Olivia Newton John.  Any genre, she covered it all!  Friends, family, and neighbors were treated to a myriad of epic performances by the young crooner.  Despite her passion to pursue music, Tammy was afflicted by stage fright.  This affliction prevented Tammy from pursuing a larger stage.  The garage performances slowly waned over the years, and it wasn’t until the age of 21 when she finally made a breakthrough.  The conduit was simple…an acoustic guitar.  A friend showed her a few chords on the guitar, and she fell in love! A week later, she was playing and singing songs. Within six months, she wrote a number of original songs and was out performing. 

Around the same time, Tammy began studying belly dancing, which served as the gateway that sparked her interest in Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, and Indian music. She also picked up playing the African Djembe. She spanned a number of years performing as a singer/song writer, and studying belly dancing before and during her time teaching children's music. Upon her introduction to early childhood music education, Tammy was excited to share her gifts and encourage children to express themselves through music and movement.

Tammy Keorkunian began teaching at Little People's Music in 1999. During this time, she completed the certification program at the Center for Music and Young Children specializing in parent and child music and movement classes. In 2000, Tammy joined The Music Experience teaching at preschools. She received, as well as taught ongoing training in early childhood music education. During this time, she conducted interactive musical birthday parties on the weekends, and, in the process, founded Children's Music Express (CME). CME is a parent and child music and movement enrichment program, and out of that blossomed CWME upon joining forces with Bill Koutsouros of Animus (world fusion music.) With Tammy's interest and experience in singing, playing guitar, the African Djembe, and belly dancing, it was only natural that she and Bill would come together and create world fusion music for children.

In 2006, Tammy completed the Kinesiology program at Temple University, “Teaching Children Through Movement.”  In August of 2007, Tammy received her BA in Communications from Temple University. She attends Won Institute of Graduate Studies, working toward her Masters in Applied Meditation Studies. Presently, She teaches and performs music at children's birthday parties and a variety of events, including Hearts for Autism, World Cafe and Kimmel Center. For more information about ongoing music classes for parents and children, as well as for families with autistic children, please visit: www.childrensmusicexpress.com 

or e-mail: tammykeorkunian@yahoo.com.