Drum & Dance Circle


Learn Mid-Eastern Percussion hands-on with Bill Koutsouros of ANIMUS or practice your belly dancing moves to the live music at Studio 1831… OPEN ENROLLMENT, walk-ins and all levels welcome, extra drums available!


Where:   Studio 1831, 1831 Brandywine Street, Phila., PA 19130. www.studio1831.com

Times:    TBA...

Cost:       $15 for Drummers & Dancers or $5 for Studio 1831 Dance Students 

Other:     Extra drums are available... any percussion or other instruments welcome...

             *** Classes open to all with any level of music experience ***

              Bill leads the class in singing or playing patterns and rhythmic modes. Students imitate in a call-and-response fashion or by singing, learning the building blocks of Mid-Eastern percussion in a way similar to how people learn language, by repeating common phrases. Bill makes these classes accessible to all by presenting musical phrases that are short and clear enough for beginners to imitate, but which have subtleties and details that only the most advanced students will grasp. Each class will focus on a variety of Mid-Eastern rhythms and tempos, and over the course of several classes students will gain a deeper understanding and an appreciation for the breadth of this beautiful and exciting style of drumming.

If interested in attending please email: billk@animusmusic.com