About Adib Rafela

Adib Samaan Refela was born in Cairo Egypt in 1957. His study of the Oud began when his brother gave him an Oud, at the age of twelve. Since that time he has dedicated himself to the study of the Oud. Adib is also classically trained in violin and classical guitar. 


During his studies at Ain Shams University in Cairo, he was given many awards for his talent and expertise. What sets Adib apart from other oudist, is his ability in Takkasim. 

He has been compared to such masters as Farid-el-Atrache, Mohammed Abdel Wahab, Ryad El Sunbati, and Mohammed El Qasabji. 

Adib was a member of the Cairo opera house for 10 years, and played with the Egyptian orchestra under the direction of renowned Salim Sehab. He has also played for famous singers and composers such as, Soaad Mohammed, Asalah, Latifa, and Egyptian composer Omar Khirat. He has toured throughout Europe and the United States, and has over thirty years of performing and teaching experience.