About Michele Tayoun

Michele Tayoun (Meesha) is a dynamic, and passionate performer, with a unique, and innovative style that still maintains the traditional elements of Middle Eastern dance of which she practiced and performed since childhood. Raised in a Lebanese-American family, she was exposed to all forms of Middle Eastern dance and music from her earliest years. Meesha began dazzling audiences, at a very young age, at her family's renowned Middle Eastern nightclub and restaurant, The Middle East. Meesha has also had training in ballet, modern dance, and jazz, which is evident in her graceful and creative, style, but her heart and passion lies within the musical and dance traditions of her heritage. Meesha's dance blends both the Lebanese and Egyptian styles of oriental dance, with her own personal modern flare. Her performance abilities include dancing, as well as singing, and this first hand knowledge of Arabic music is an integral part of her dance interpretation. Michele continues to enhance her knowledge of Arabic music and song, by performing with accomplished regional performers, and has attended workshops with the award winning, internationally renowned Arabic composer and musician, Simon Shaheen. Currently, she performs as a vocalist and dancer with the areas most talented Middle Eastern musicians. She has also, performed with Philadelphia Orchestra cellist, Ohad Bar David and his ensemble Intercultural Journeys, as a vocalist and dancer, as part of Intercultural Journeys, musical dialogue of peace between Arabs and Jews.   


Michele is an accomplished dancer and has performed at various folk art festivals, Middle Eastern clubs, museums and international events, including the Philadelphia Academy of music, the Philadelphia Art Museum, the Brooklyn Art Museum, the Painted Bride Art center, the Constitution center and the United Nations. She also performed as a Trump Taj Mahal belly dancer for several years. She performs regularly at various Middle Eastern and Persian clubs, and teaches both belly dancing and Middle Eastern folk dancing (debke) in schools, day camps, and to group and private students. She is currently a member of the Spiced Route Ensemble, as a folk dancer and vocalist, which presents multi-cultural assemblies and workshops focusing on the Middle East. These assemblies are funded through; Strings For Schools, a non-profit organization that strives to enhance music education and cultural appreciation, in schools where music education is deficient. She has also received grant funding through the Philadelphia Folklore Project, to teach the folkloric dances of Lebanon, to children with in her own community. This will be her fourth year, as the dance instructor for Al Bustan Camp, that exposes young children to the language, visual and performing arts, and natural environment of the Arab worlds. 

Michele's current projects include Herencia Arabe, which has been grant funded through the Philadelphia folklore project. Herencia Arabe is a Flamenco/Middle eastern collaboration and fusion, highlighting the shared roots of the music and dance. She is crossing training and choreographing a unique fusion of Andalusian and Middle Eastern dance, along with Anna Rubio, master flamenco dancer, and creator of Herencia Arabe, and renowned flamenco guitarist, Tito Rubio, along with master artists Joseph Tayoun, middle eastern percussionist, and Roger Mrgdichian, Oudist. 

Meesha is dedicated to presenting authentic and quality performances and instruction, exemplifying her rich cultural background.