World Music Apps


Parents, take you children on a musical journey through China with this stimulating and fun world music application! Children of all ages will learn the sounds of traditional Chinese instruments - including the following:

• Erhu

• Guzheng

• Dizi

• Gong

Each instrument is capable of playing notes from the traditional gong scale by pressing colorful touch tone buttons. This vibrant music app is also educational as it teaches your child fun facts about the instruments and majestic China. 


• Play 4 of China's musical instruments.

• Dozens of high definition photos!

• Over 25 "fun facts" about China and each instrument!

• Teaches instrument recognition and sounds.

• Tested on toddlers and preschoolers.

• Made for little fingers.

• Designed by parents and loved by kids!

This is the 1st world music application by DALFCO... Please stay tuned for more apps in the near future!