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Eastern Mediterranean World Fusion Music & Dance

Our Mission:

ANIMUS - Eastern Mediterranean World Fusion Music & Dance blends music and dance forms from around the world. Primarily an Eastern Mediterranean/Middle Eastern/Latin/American fusion ensemble, ANIMUS also performs traditional Eastern Mediterranean/Middle Eastern music. ANIMUS’ original music freely barrows and incorporates musical ideas and traditions from East to West, North to South, Ancient to Modern... it's one beautiful sounding world! The nature of our performance is interactive, exciting and inviting, open for all to participate or just sit back and enjoy the musical journey. The music may remind you of home or of far off places you'd love to visit. ANIMUS promotes tolerance, diversity, unity and peace through music and dance. Furthermore, Animus is here to push the boundaries and borders of music from all over the world to create something new as well as to preserve the origins of cultural inspiration. Over the years ANIMUS has taken listeners on a continuously evolving live experience, away from the stress of everyday life and created a relaxing and fun musical journey, mesmerizing audiences with their unique eclectic style. ANIMUS is available to perform at a variety of events, functions, venues and learning institutions.

What We Do & Our History:

Bill Koutsouros and his team of musicians create an exciting fusion of ancient and modern music using traditional elements of Greek, Turkish, Arabic, and Latin styles styles melded into percussive rock, funk, jazz, and blues music. Animus is an instrumental group of culturally diverse musical concepts and traditions. The unorthodox instrumentation and unique original compositions excite the mind, body and soul with an endless variety of grooves and tribal rhythms, coupled with spontaneous, uninhibited, passionate improvisation that awakens the spirit to get everyone moving to the music.


Animus has produced six recording releases: "SpiritDance"(1995), "Eternal Within"(1997), "Live at the Tin Angel"(1999), " fusion music"(2002), "Mediterranean Dreams"(2005), "The Movements"(2007) and is currently in production with their seventh release (winter 2011). Animus is featured on "Lurainya's Realm" DVD, Azhia's "The Dancer's Companion Vol. 1 & Vol. 2" DVDs, Tarot "Fantasy Bellydance" DVD, "Taboo Glass" documentary video and WYBE's "Culture Shots" TV commercials and performed live on NBC 10's morning show "10!". Animus has been nominated for best Roots/World Music Performer 2000 - 2002 and Best Local Band 2006 by The Philadelphia CityPaper Choice Awards. Animus has won 3rd place for Best Best World Music Song: The Opus (Mediterranean Dreams) and Best World Music Album: The Movements by the 2009 JPF International Music Awards, the largest awards ceremony of its kind representing indie artists from all over the globe.


Members of Animus have performed abroad in South Africa and Kenya with Eastern College's gospel choir, Angels of Harmony, and has also performed around the United States. Animus' diversity and flexibility makes them great just about anywhere. Venues range from coffee shops, bookstores, restaurants, bars, clubs, theaters (Trocadero theater), concert halls (World Cafe Live /Kimmel Center), galleries, museums (Phila. Art Museum), schools, community centers, colleges and universities, churches and synagogues. Animus has performed roving entertainment in traditional festive costumes at Trump Taj Mahal and Foxwoods Casinos. *Upon request we have several traditional belly dancers, ethnic fusion dancers, specialty acts and Greek, Turkish and Arabic Singers who can perform with us. Animus also performs at wedding celebrations, festivals, benefits, fund-raisers, private parties and corporate events. For a list of recent past performances please visit our “Promo & Info.” blog.

Educational Opportunities:

Bill Koutsouros offers group and private lessons in Middle Eastern Percussion as well as introduction to Oud and Bouzouki. Animus has collaborated extensively with professional dance instructors and teachers at colleges in workshops, classes and performances. Animus also offers educators and students of all ages a unique and enriching assembly program focusing on cultural diversity and unity through music and movement.

Find out more: 

Please visit all of our web pages on and contact us for if you would like more information, pictures, MP3s and booking.


Bill Koutsouros

Bill Phipps

Jay Mintz

Joe McCormick

Kim DiMattia

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